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Materials for waterproofing of foundation

Waterproofing of foundation: how to save time and money?

In the modern construction market, materials providing maximum economy are gaining great popularity, i.e. to make repairs in a short time without losing finances and quality. One of such materials is the NEXT self-adhesive waterproofing manufactured by the production company Germetex (Syzran city).

Waterproofing NEXT – a modern “fad” or a reasonable investment?

There is an opinion that only a professional builder can build a cottage “from scratch”. But do not be afraid of difficulties.
How does the construction of a house begin? Of course, from the foundation. And it’s no secret that one of the main tasks is waterproofing of the foundation and floor of basements.
The modern market offers many options for waterproofing materials. But how do I choose the best one?

Waterproofing material NEXT manufactured by the Germetex company meets all modern requirements that apply to the waterproofing of internal premises.

Advantages of NEXT waterproofing:

  • universal material for rooms of any size
  • high speed of installation
  • no additional equipment is required for installation
  • formation of a strong and reliable coating
  • it is possible to use the material for emergency repairs

There are much less disadvantages of NEXT waterproofing than advantages it offers:

  • inconvenience when installing on coatings of complex geometric shapes

Installation of a waterproofing of foundation in TWO steps only!

Waterproofing is initially included in the foundation project. It is important to consider the following:

  • groundwater level
  • soil type (degree of heterogeneity, etc.)
  • purpose of the basement premises

So, TWO steps of installation technology for NEXT waterproofing:

Step 1. At the initial stage of installation of waterproofing, it is necessary to prepare the surface: level the foundation, close up irregularities and cracks. In addition, it is necessary to clean off the sand and dust and then prime the surface.

Step 2. Next, following the manufacturer’s instructions, lay and level the NEXT waterproofing strips on the foundation surface.

Methods of installation of self-adhesive waterproofing

Self-adhesive waterproofing of the foundation can be performed in two ways:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

The vertical waterproofing installation technique is somewhat more complex than the horizontal one. But it can be performed at any stage of construction or operation of the premises.

IMPORTANT! Self-adhesive material NEXT for vertical waterproofing should be rolled from top to bottom, pressing the upper edge of the strip with a special metal rail.

Horizontal waterproofing is performed at the construction stage: one layer is laid under the basement base, the second – on top of the basement, under the facade wall.