Technologies — Germetex

Development, production and sale
of sealing materials
noise and vibration insulation

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The main technologies used in our company.

  • Extrusion is a technology for producing products by pushing a viscous melt of material, glue, mastic (paste) through a forming hole
  • Dispersion – fine grinding of solids or liquids, resulting in powders, suspensions and emulsions
  • Mixing – preparation of mixtures of different viscosities from the initial components that are in the same or different aggregate state by mixing
  • Calendering is a technology of continuous sheet forming by passing it through the gap between rotating shafts
  • Laminating – technology of gluing, duplicating 2, 3 or more materials of different bases in one product, hot or cold
  • Coating is a technology for applying a thin polymer coating
  • Cutting is the separation of a physical object by direct force with a sharp tool (knife)