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Tape Next for junctions – self-adhesive sealing tape 20 cm x 3 m

Sealing of the roof is the most important point of building a house, which provides its maximum hydro / thermal insulation, corrosion protection of connections.

When installing the roof there is a problem – whether the various joints of the roof to withstand any weather, avoiding leakage. After all, the design of the house contains a variety of sheds, chimneys / vents, skylights and more. Therefore, the abutments need to be given great attention.

Aluminum in the composition provides a service life of at least 25 years and protection from UV rays, and butyl rubber mastic has excellent adhesion to all materials, with additional reinforcement mastic mesh gives the tape high strength and elasticity.

When mounting the NEXT Tape perfectly repeats all forms of surfaces, lies flat and without folds, providing perfect moisture resistance. After installation, the NEXT Tape does not harden or crack, which increases its service life.

Installation does not require special tools and skills, so even a child can cope with it.

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