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“Tape Germeteks LM L – Next” – vapor barrier, heat-reflecting butyl rubber

Germeteks LM l-self-adhesive vapor barrier, heat-reflecting butyl rubber tape, duplicated on one side with the metallized film.

The minimum dimension of the tape glueing on the edge of glazing is 7-10 mm. But no more than the width of the outer edge (clamping strip).


1. When installing translucent structures under the clamping bar (facades, anti-aircraft lights, winter gardens).
2. On connection of standing and crossbar systems, for sealing of deformation gaps.
3. Beneath the sill, also for sealing connections of elements of translucent structures between the seams inside the building and light steel structures (LSTC).

Germeteks LM l Next-three-layer tape additionally duplicated fiberglass or polypropylene fabric, which gives stability and stability of the product.

Germeteks LM l is used in conjunction with Germeteks LM of, Germeteks LM d, LM Germeteks Alum.

Technical characteristics:

Width: from 3 mn to 900 mm.
Thickness: 0.6 mm to 3 mm.
Shelf life: 12 months.

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