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Tape Germeteks punched tape – for polycarbonate 25 mm x 25 m

Perforated tape is used for installation of structures made of polycarbonate. The basis of the tape is a cloth of non-woven material, which provides ventilation of the honeycomb channels of the sheet and does not interfere with the removal of the resulting condensate. The operation of such filters on the principle is similar to the operation of the valve, acting in one direction: the condensate, which is formed when the temperature of the molecular moisture, always present in the air, comes out, and in the opposite direction, that is, inside the sheets of liquid, dust and dirt can not pass.

The choice of width of the tape

Perforated tapes are designed for all thicknesses of polycarbonate sheets. Ribbon width of 25 mm was used for sheets with a thickness of 4, 6, 8 mm; width 38 mm 10-16 mm.

Method of application

In order to achieve good sealing, the surface must be cleaned of dust, moisture and grease. The paper lining should be removed immediately before applying the tape. Perforated tapes seal the ends of the sheets of polycarbonate, aimed at mounting down, including all arched structures on both sides.

Important note

It is not recommended to use in places with a high level of pollution, where dust particles are less than 45 microns, for example, smoke containing carbon particles formed by flame cutting, welding, grinding, or diesel engines.

The properties of the adhesive

The perforated tape is covered with a special acrylic adhesive, which provides a high level of initial adhesion, high final adhesive force and good cohesive characteristics on the shift.

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