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“Tape Germeteks PSUL” – sealing tape

Pre-compressed sealing tape, self-adhesive, elastic, based on foamed polyurethane, impregnated with acrylic dispersion. Resistant to UV light and moisture.


For sealing joints and junctions, protects the mounting seam from atmospheric influences and ensures the diffusion of steam from the outside of the window unit.

Advantages of tapes of PSUL

  • High level of elasticity of raw materials;
  • Easily takes any shape;
  • A high level of resistance to UV radiation;
  • Possibility of 5-fold increase from the initial thickness;
  • Resistance to heavy rains up to 600 RA;
  • The ability to fill gaps of different sizes;
  • Ensures the release of water vapor from the abutments into the atmosphere.

It is Important!

To choose the right size PSUL. On the gap of 10-12 mm should be used PSUL with full extension 40 mm.

Technical characteristics

  • Width: from 8 mm to 900 mm.
  • Extension: from 20 mm to 40 mm.
  • Vapour resistance: not more than 0.25 (m2-h-PA)/mg.
  • Adhesive strength: not less than 0.3 N / cm.
  • Shelf life: 12 months.

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