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Tape Germeteks PPEs, NPEs” – acoustic (damping)

Germeteks PPEs, NPEs

Acoustic tape (damping) Germeteks PPE – self-adhesive, microporous PPE tape – is designed for noise protection of metal frames of partitions, linings and ceilings. It is glued to the guiding section of the ceiling and floor, as well as to the profiles of the wall cladding. When installing partitions to improve the sound insulation on the guiding section is glued an elastic, self-adhesive sealing microporous polymeric tape, which is used for tight pairing of metal profiles of the frame, facings and partitions, load-bearing structures in the junction, and also provide the required sound insulation. It is glued to the guiding section intended for fixing to the floor or ceiling and rack profiles, adjacent to the walls.

It is for tight coupling of metal profiles of the frame of facings and partitions with load-bearing building structures at the junction, and also provides the required sound insulation. The tape is elastic, taut, self-adhesive. Used when mounting partitions or wall cladding of gypsum Board, gypsum fiber Board to compensate for irregularities and ensure a tight mate of the guides to the building units Tape sealing for sound proofing. Improves the insulation properties of plasterboard partitions in the areas adjacent to the floor, walls and ceiling.

The construction of prefabricated buildings and structures made of sandwich panels involves the use of sealing elements to solve the problems of sealing the joints of panels, sealing the joints, ensuring the vapor barrier of the junction of panels to the supporting structures, as well as ensuring the vapor barrier in the lock joints, creation of a protective layer in fire-prevention partitions.Installation of sealing elements is a mandatory and important step in the installation of panels on the supporting structure.The correct choice of the seal elements ensures high resistance of structures made of sandwich panels. Sealing tape is designed to avoid contact of sandwich panels with reinforced concrete and metal structures. Also, the sealing tape is designed to align the horizontal and vertical along the facade with deviations of substructures.


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