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Tape Germeteks Lmpr – cork

Sealants Lmpr 25

Tape Lmpr (cork) 25 mm is a material, the basis of which is a cork cloth, coated with an adhesive layer protected by anti-adhesive paper.

It is used for installation of structures, using cellular polycarbonate, by applying to the metal profile (frame ) during direct installation of the product.

The Lmpr 25 tape forms a so-called thermo-layer between the metal profile and cellular polycarbonate, protecting it from additional heating and friction (with wind load), thereby increasing the service life of this design.

It is possible to cut the size of the customer .

Specifications tape “Germeteks Lmpr 25”

Density, kg / m3 200-250
Thermal conductivity, W / MC 0,043
Breaking load, kg\cm2 2,0
The sound absorption coefficient of 0.85
S-209 flame retardant
Water absorption, % not more than 7.0

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