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“Tape Germeteks LM SF” – for sealing junctions

“LM SF tape: self-adhesive sealing tape, duplicated with aluminum foil, additionally reinforced with mesh, which significantly increases the resistance to deformation, physical and mechanical stress.

Width from 50 mm to 500 mm

Thickness from 0.6 mm to 1 cm

For sealing of all types of abutments of roofing materials: to the surfaces of chimneys, skylights, ridge joints (including polycarbonate) and other roofing structures.”
“Feature: Resistant to mechanical effects arising from the sliding of snow, ice, thermal expansion – compression, depending on the time of year and day, vibration, shock loads, wind impact.

Tape based on synthetic rubber, reinforced with fiberglass, with a protective layer of aluminum foil on the outside.

  • Resistant to UV.
  • There is no need to dismantle the old coating, there is no need to use a gas burner, which makes it easier to lay the material on the roof surface. The installation does not involve special equipment, so it can be done with your own hands.
  • Bond strength with metal at peeling-11,83 N / cm at minus 10 °C.
  • Burning class G1.
  • Flammability class B1.
  • Class RP-1.

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