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“Tape Germeteks LM np” (universal) – sealing butyl rubber

Self-adhesive sealing butyl tape “Germeteks” LM NP and “Germeteks” Next LMnp

Brief description

Germeteks LMnp – self-adhesive sealing butyl rubber tape brand LMnp and brand LMnp Next, with a one-sided work surface, covered on the one side with an anti-adhesive coating (paper or polymer film), on the other side with non-woven fabric, used for sealing joints in full-assembled housing, when installing windows, etc.; Tape LMnp and LMnp Next, on the side of non-woven fabric, can be plastered and paint(alkyd, acrylic and silicon-organic paints).

Workable in the temperature range from minus 60°C to plus 100°C.

Method of application of tapes ” Germeteks LM np»

Before using the tape LMnp and Next LMnp working surface of the joint must be cleaned with a rag from dust and dirt, dry from moisture, and in winter from ice, snow, frost. To improve the adhesion of the tape to the surface, it is desirable to apply a layer of primer composition to the surface of the base.

Before working with the tape in a roll, it is necessary to remove one rotation of the anti-adhesive coating (paper or polymer film) and only then apply the tape to the work surface. Stick and roll the tape is so that the surface of the tapes were smooth without folds, blisters and air bubbles to the surface was solid without breaks and violations of the sealing layer. Capacity tape length is lapped.

Properties of butyl rubber tape “Germeteks” LMnp and “Germeteks” Next LMnp

“Germeteks” LMnp

  • Adhesion to steel, N / 10 mm -3
  • Adhesion to concrete-6
  • Water absorption, 24 hours,%, not more – 0,3
  • Flow resistance, mm, at t=70°C, 24 h, no more-2,0
  • Bond strength at separation from concrete, MPa, not less than – 0,1
  • Vapour permeability, g / m2 24-2,5
  • Tensile strength, MPa, at least in the transverse direction-0.1
  • Tape width, – 10-200mm
  • Thickness, 1-5mm
  • Color-black, brown, gray, white, on request by RAL line
  • Winding-on sleeve in rolls

for “Germeteks” Next LMnp

  • Belt width, 10-900 mm
  • Thickness, 0.6 mm-1 mm
  • Colour-black
  • Winding-on the sleeve in rolls or in the bobbin

Transportation and storage

Self-adhesive tape “Germeteks” is transported by any type of transport in conditions that ensure its protection from the effects of precipitation, mechanical damage; tape or cord is Packed in corrugated boxes. Tape “Germeteks” stored in dry warehouses at any temperature. If the sealant is stored at an air temperature below 0°C, then it must be kept in a warm (+20°C) room during the day before use . It is forbidden to throw and turn over container with a tape or a plait “Germeteks”at loading and unloading works

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