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“Tape Germeteks LM iz” – sealing, noise-absorbing butyl rubber

Sealing, noise-absorbing self-adhesive butyl rubber tape “Hermetic LM of” is the material of the Central layer of the mounting seam. Fully complies with the requirements of GOST 30971-2002 “Stitches Assembly of adjacencies window units to wall openings”.

Short description of the tape

Sealing and noise-absorbing self-adhesive butyl rubber tape “Germeteks” LM iz duplicated foam polyethylene (physically sewn). On one or both sides has an open butyl layer protected by anti-adhesive paper. It is installed under the drain, along the perimeter of the wall opening to prevent moisture from the wall opening on the mounting foam, as well as between the window and door blocks. A wide range of tape sizes allows you to choose the material to protect the seams of almost any size. The tape is supplied in rolls. The use of sealing noise-absorbing self-adhesive butyl rubber tapes “Germeteks” LM provides insulation, sound insulation, reliable protection of joints and connections for various purposes.

Specifications tape “Germeteks LM iz»:

  • Vapour permeability coefficient, minimum 0.003 m * h·PA
  • Adhesive strength to concrete, 1 kgf / cm2
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.035-0.037 W/(m °C)
  • Minimum installation temperature-15°C
  • Operating temperature – 60°C to + 90°C
  • Conditional shelf life of at least 20 years
  • Width of tapes, mm 10-900
  • Length of tapes, m depending on the width of the heater

Application of tapes ” Hermetic LM iz»

LM tape is ready for use and does not require special tools during its installation. The surfaces of the window opening should be cleaned from the old building material with a spatula and remove the dust with a brush. If the surfaces of the window opening are damaged, it must be restored. It is necessary to glue the tape tightly along the entire length of the mounting seam. At low tide LM tape is glued along its entire length or segments. With the installation of balcony doors on the vertical surface of the frame from the window is attached vapor barrier of the insulation tape “Germeteks of LM”. It is also possible to install the tape around the perimeter of the wall opening. The tape must be cut on a flat surface. When installing the tape is removed from the anti-adhesive paper that protects the adhesive strip, the tape is attached to the surface of the window opening, at low tide, wall opening or other structure.

The choice of width of the tape “Germeteks LM iz»

The recommended width of the tape is selected as follows: the size of the thickness of the window block or the size of the seam or joint.

It is recommended to protect against UV rays.

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