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Tape Germeteks LM g – sealing

Sealing tape is used for installation of structures made of polycarbonate. The basis of the tape is an insulating, metallized material, which is coated with a durable adhesive layer. Temperature fluctuations have virtually no effect on the characteristics of the tape. The tape has high moisture resistance. It can take the form of non-standard circuits and is therefore well suited for sealing (sealing).


To seal the interfaces of polycarbonate sheets with each other both from the outside and inside,as well as to seal (seal) the ends of polycarbonate sheets from moisture and dust, which ensures the transparency of the sheet material used in the structures of roof (ceiling) lighting and greenhouses, etc.


In order to achieve good sealing, the surface must be cleaned of dust, moisture and grease. The paper lining should be removed immediately before applying the film. Sealing tapes seal the ends of sheets of cellular polycarbonate directed at installation upwards.

The properties of the adhesive

The sealing tape is coated with a special acrylic adhesive, which provides a high level of initial adhesion, high final bonding strength and good cohesive shear performance.

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