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Tape Germeteks LM dif – diffusion (vapor permeable)

Diffusion (vapor permeable) tape made of durable polypropylene fabric with two fixing strips on the edges of the butyl rubber sealant on different sides. Installed on the outside of the low water, the ventilated facade.

Fully complies with the requirements of GOST 30971-2002 ” Joints of the installation units of the window units to the wall openings.”

Brief description

Water-insulating, vapor-permeable membrane type tape made of high-strength non-woven material. On one side or both sides of the tape have an open butyl (B2) or adhesive layers (B1), protected by anti-adhesive paper. The tape is designed to isolate the joint (under the tide, as well as any other construction seams and joints) from the influence of weather factors, but at the same time is vapor permeable. A wide range of tape sizes allows you to choose the material to protect the seams of almost any size. The tape is supplied in rolls. The use of waterproofing, vapour permeable tape provides reliable protection of the mounting foam against moistening on the outside of the premises and promotes the removal of moisture from the foam.

Specifications tape “Germeteks LM dif»

  • Coefficient of vapor permeability, not less than 0.15 mg/(m. CH. PA)
  • Adhesion strength at peeling, not less than 0.32 kgf / cm2
  • Water permeability, 600 PA, for 72 hours. No signs of water penetration
  • Minimum installation temperature-15°C
  • With adhesive strip + 5°C
  • Operating temperature – 60°C to + 90°C
  • Belts width, mm 50,70,100,120,150,200
  • The length of the tapes 18 m

To order it is possible to coordinate other parameters.

Application tapes “Germeteks LM dif»

LM dif tape is ready for use and does not require special tools during its installation. The lower surface of the window opening should be cleaned of the old building material with a spatula and remove dust with a brush. If the lower surface of the opening is damaged, it must be restored. It is necessary to paste a tape on all its length. Any gap or looseness is a place to penetrate the mounting foam of rainwater. At the corners of the tape must be bent so that the bent part formed bumpers to prevent leaks in the lower corners of the window opening. The tape must be cut on a flat surface. The tape at both ends (along the middle) is cut to a length equal to half its width. Next, the tape is removed from the adhesive paper, protecting the adhesive strip, and the tape is attached to the box window structure. The cut ends are bent and glued to the side outer slopes, then the tape is attached to the lower outer slope, while the cut ends are bent on the side outer slopes, overflowing on those bends of the tape that are already glued. Next, the ebb is fixed, then the mounting gap is filled with mounting foam from the side of the room.

The choice of width of the tape “Germeteks LM dif»

The recommended width of the tape is selected as follows: the overall size of the window slope horizontally plus the width of the tape.

In cases of significant contamination of mounting openings, it is recommended to pre-process the primer “Germeteks BKV”!!!

It is recommended to protect from UV rays by decorative strips, facade panels, slats, etc.

It is installed under the window drain and along the perimeter of the opening, on the outside of the window unit, in the absence of quarters.

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