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“Tape Germeteks LM d” – sealant

Self-adhesive sealing butyl rubber, vapor barrier tape, duplicate with non-woven fabric, has an additional adhesive strip for fixing the tape in a hidden place.

It is Important!

For heavily soiled and rough surfaces it is recommended to apply a layer of primer.


Using LM D you are protecting the construction foam from moisture.

With an increase of moisture in the structure of the insulation (construction foam) by 5%, the efficiency of insulation drops by 70%.


For vapor-proof sealing of places of interface of window frames, door boxes, with building constructions at any (dry and wet) ways of finishing of slopes before filling of a seam with thermal insulation (construction foam).

Technical characteristics:

Width: 10 mm to 250 mm
Thickness: 0.6 mm to 5 mm
Vapour resistance: not less than 2 (m*h * P)/mg.
Shelf life: 12 months.

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