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“Tape Germeteks LK S” – for bonding the vapour barrier

Double-sided self-adhesive sealing butyl tape Germeteks LK and LK Germeteks Next.

For sealing, waterproofing and bonding of two surfaces, underlay films of vapor barrier and membrane type.
Tape “Germeteks” brand LK Next has extra reinforcing base (paper, cloth, mesh, foil), which gives increased strength characteristics. Depending on the material additional reinforcement tape Germeteks LK is divided into brand: LKS, LKB, LKT, LKP. It is possible to apply using a hand tool – dispenser.

Application of tape Germeteks LK, LK Next»

Before using the tape “Hermetic LC” the working surface of the joint must be cleaned with a rag from dust and dirt, dry from moisture, and in winter from ice, snow, frost. When working with the tape “Sealer LC” – it is necessary to remove the anti-adhesive coating on the one hand, apply the tape to the work surface and roll so that the surface is solid without breaks and violations of the sealing layer, then attach the second part (cloth).”

Technical characteristics:

Adhesion-to steel, N / 10 mm: 3, to concrete, N / 10 mm: 6.
Flow resistance, mm, at t=70°C, 24 h, not more than: 2,0.
Tensile strength, MPa, not less, in the transverse direction: 0,1.
Tape width, mm: 10-200 (3-900 – for LC next tapes).
Thickness, mm: 1-5 (0.6 – for LC next tapes)

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