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Sheet (patch) for roof NEXT 50 cm x 90 cm

Next roof patch is a foil material laminated with a PET layer, duplicated with a layer of butyl rubber mastic, reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

Next self-adhesive Patch is a universal material for spot repair of all types of roofs, sealing joints on the roof, facade, etc.

Advantages NEXT :

  • lightweight compact material;
  • it has high hydro-noise insulation;
  • does not require heating during installation;
  • no need to disassemble the old coating;
  • meets high fire safety requirements;
  • does not require regular maintenance.

The next patch has a long service life. Thanks to the self-adhesive material, repair your roof will need no earlier than 15 years!

NEXT mounting technology

No special tools needed. This can be done even by inexperienced repairmen!

IMPORTANT! Repair of a roof can be made and at minus temperature.

Step 1. Assess the condition of the roof. Usually the Patch allows to carry out laying on an old covering. But, if the roof has strong damage, the dismantling of the coating can not be avoided.

Step 2. Clean the roof of debris and dirt.

Step 3. Next, cut if necessary, the desired piece of material with simple scissors (or you can use all the material) to the desired location. It is important to roll your hands or roller to get rid of irregularities and excess air bubbles.

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