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Roll NEXT Water Stop Waterproofing

Гидроизоляция Water Stop

Water Stop Waterproofing
Water Stop waterproofing is supplied with rolls of 900 mm width, winding in one roll of 10 m, the material has a thickness of self-adhesive layer of 0.6 mm.

Distinctive features of Water Stop self-adhesive material:

  • In the production process, only domestic materials and raw materials are used, which significantly reduces the cost of the finished product.
  • The material is reinforced with mesh, which improves resistance to tearing, mechanical stress.
  • The unique formulation of mastic allows the use of Water Stop at low temperatures without additional heating.
  • The waterproofing withstands temperature changes from -800 C to +1600С, while maintaining their sealing properties.
  • The mastic does not harden and does not flow, remaining always ready for use.
  • When applying the material Water Stop does not require additional layers of waterproofing, primer, primer.
  • Installation requires less labor, saves time.

Large debris and dust must be removed before applying the water Stop Waterproofing layer.

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