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“Roll Germeteks PRO900 PVC” –waterproofing foundation

Waterproofing foundation Germeteks PRO900 PVC

Roll width 900 mm

Euro pallet 30 rolls


  • external surface insulation during construction and repair of underground pipelines, including steam tunnels, in order to protect them from corrosion;
  • for protection of joints, flanges, bends and pipeline transitions by single-stage application;
  • to cut off the Foundation from the main structure.

Technical characteristics:

Material based on synthetic rubber, with a duplicate layer of polyvinyl chloride film.

Norm on the technical requirements:

  • Bond strength with concrete-not less than 3.0 N/cm.
  • Bond strength with metal – not less than 3.0 N / cm.
  • The shear strength of the bond is not less than 2.0 N / 2 mm.
  • Water vapor resistance – not less than 2.0 м2чПа/mg.
  • Flexibility on a bar-40 °C.
  • Heat Resistance 85°C.
  • Water Resistant, 600 PA.


  • the material does not require additional costs during installation (special. equipment, gas burners, etc.);
  • does not require hot works;
  • lightweight and compact;
  • it is possible to repair rusty and corrosive surfaces;
  • not subject to rot;
  • waterproofing withstands temperature drop from -40 °C to + 85 °C, while maintaining its sealing properties;
  • mastic does not harden and does not flow, remaining always ready for use (even sub-zero temperatures).
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