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“Roll Germeteks PRO900 Lm SF” – non-bituminous roofing self-adhesive material


  • installation and repairing of soft roof, flat roofs with traditional and inversion roof on reinforced concrete slabs,
  • installation and repairing of pitched roofs with metal folded, slate roof, roof from profile sheets, concrete slabs, brickwork, OSB, wood, etc.
  • isolation of insulation of water supply pipelines, steam pipelines;
  • hydro-heat-noise-isolation of rectangular and circular cross-section ducts;
  • corrosion protection of metal products


Gluing without usage of fire and expensive equipment;
Reduces the time of installation work and labor input (repair time of 100 m2 by two workers is 1 hour)
No cost and effort are required for perfect preparation of surfaces, without removing the old coating;
Perfect UV radiation protection by aluminum foil guarantees a useful life of more than 25 years;
The roof is becoming more beautiful;
Reduces the number of layers in installation of a soft roof.
Technical characteristics:
The material is based on synthetic rubber, reinforced with fiberglass, with a protective layer of aluminum foil on the outside.
Norm on the technical condition:

  • Bond strength with concrete –not less than 3.0 N/cm.
  • Bond strength with metal – not less than 3.0 N / cm.
  • The shear strength of the bond is not less than 2.0 N / 2 mm.
  • Water vapor resistance – not less than 2.0 м2чПа/mg.
  • Flexibility on a bar-40 °C.
  • Heat Resistance 85°C.
  • Water Resistant, 600 Pascal
  • Burning class G1.
  • Flammability class B1.
  • The class RP – 1

    Features of self-adhesive roofing material

    1. Hermetic PRO 900 is supplied in rolls of 900 mm width. Winding in one roll varies according to the customer’s request (from 10 to 30 MP). The material has a thickness of 1 mm self-adhesive layer
    2. Only domestic materials and raw materials are used, which significantly reduces the cost of the finished product
    3. Material Hermetic PRO 900 ROOF is reinforced with mesh, which improves resistance to tearing and mechanical stress (approx.: gathering snow, ice, hail).
    4. The material can withstand temperatures from -70 °C to + 120 °C, while maintaining its sealing properties
    5. The unique recipe of mastic allows application at negative temperatures (up to -10 °C) without additional heating

























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