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“Roll Germeteks PRO900 LK S” – material for waterproofing


  • the device and repair of soft roofs, flat roofs as hydro-vapor barrier of the lower roofing layer;
  • the device and repair as a hydro – vapor barrier lavatory;
  • waterproofing of swimming pools, drainage systems, foundations, walls, basements, tanks, underground pipelines, interstory waterproofing, etc.

Technical specifications

The material is based on synthetic rubber, reinforced with fiberglass, adhesive surface on both sides.
Norm on the technical condition:

  • Bond strength with concrete-not less than 3.0 newton/centimetre
  • Bond strength with metal – not less than 3.0 newton / centimetre
  • The shear strength of the bond is not less than 2.0 newton / 2 mm.
  • Water vapor resistance – not less than 2.0 м2чПа/mg.
  • Flexibility on a bar-40 °C.
  • Heat Resistance 85°C.
  • Water Resistant, 600 Pa


  • it is used without the use of fire and expensive equipment;
  • there is no need to dismantle the old coating, there is no need to use a gas burner, which makes it easier to lay the material on the roof surface;
  • the installation does not involve special equipment, so it can be done with your own hands;
  • installation time and labor costs are reduced;
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