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“Mastic BKS” – butyl rubber construction non-hardening

Butyl rubber non-hardening BCS is used in the construction, repair, reconstruction of buildings and structures for various purposes.


  • Sealing and repair of external and internal joints of prefabricated structures, including sandwich panels.
  • Sealing of inter-panel joints, seam of both newly constructed and repaired buildings
  • Sealing of places of an adjunction and joints of elements of a roof
  • Waterproofing of residential and industrial buildings
  • Protection of polyurethane foam from direct exposure to UV rays
  • Sealing of translucent structures
  • Waterproofing of pipelines as anti-corrosion coating
  • Sealing of ventilation ducts
  • Sealing of wooden structures

This material is applied by means of a nozzle on the drill for sealing joints (see the official website of the company)

  • Bond strength with concrete at separation – – not less than 0.1 MPa
  • Bond strength MS metal when peeling, – 150N/m
  • Water absorption, 0.3%
  • Operating temperature range, -40 … +80°C

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