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“Germeteks LM Alum” – vapour barrier tape

Vapor barrier tape “Germeteks” AlumB1 and AlumB2, is the material of the inner layer of the mounting seam. Fully complies with the requirements of GOST 30971-2002 ” Joints of the installation units of the window units to the wall openings.”

Brief description

Vapor barrier tape made of insulating metallized material. The tape has two adhesive strips. Option B1 (butyl + tape) and option B2 (butyl + butyl), with one or different sides. Used in finishing slopes by dry ways (plastic slopes). A wide range of tape sizes allows you to choose the material to protect the seams of almost any size. The tape is supplied in rolls. Use vapor barrier tape “Germeteks” ensures reliable protection of the mounting foam against moistening on the room side, and thereby prevents the formation of condensation on the surface of the inner slope.

  • Coefficient of vapor permeability 0.1×10-3 mg/(m * h·PA)
  • Adhesion strength of adhesion when peeling 0.5 kgf / cm2
  • Minimum installation temperature with butyl strips-15°C
  • With adhesive strip + 5°C
  • Operating temperature – 60°C to + 90°C
  • Conditional service life of at least 10 years
  • The dimensions of the strips, mm 70,100,120,150,200
  • Length of tapes, m 24

By agreement it is possible to manufacture other sizes of tapes.

Application of tapes ” Germeteks LM Alum”

Tape “Germeteks” is ready for use and does not require special tools during its installation. The surfaces of the window opening should be cleaned from the old building material with a spatula and remove the dust with a brush. If the surfaces of the window opening are damaged, they must be restored. It is necessary to paste a tape densely on all its length. Any gap or looseness is a place for penetration of moisture from the room air into the mounting foam. The tape must be lapped together. It is recommended to stick the tape to the full expansion of the foam. This is to ensure that the foam when expanding glued to his tape and a little bit of it pulled. The tape must be cut on a flat surface. The length of the tape consists of the overall size of the window unit with the addition of the width of the tape to seal the opening unit, which creates a vapor barrier around the perimeter of the window. Next, the tape is removed from the adhesive paper, protecting the adhesive strip, and the tape is attached to the box window structure. Then, the prepared window box is placed in the aperture and is set at a level and a plumb and fastened by fasteners to the wall. In the second stage, the mounting gap is filled with foam. On the second side of the adhesive tape is removed anti-adhesive paper, and the tape is glued to the slope. Thus the ends of vertical segments of a tape bend on horizontal slopes, and the ends of horizontal segments – on vertical slopes.

The choice of width of the tape “Germeteks LM Alum”

The recommended width of the tape is selected as follows: the width of the mounting gap +40 mm (width of the adhesive strips of the tape). In case of substantial contamination of the Assembly hole must be treated with primer “Germeteks” BKV.

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