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“Electric sealer Germeteks”

Everything genius is simple. Today, each contractor in the performance of certain works or tasks tries to reduce not only the time of their conduct, but also the cost, while maintaining all the quality characteristics. How to achieve this will tell the production company “Germeteks”..

Germeteks offers an updated technology for work on sealing junction and joints, using the nozzle to the electric drill “Universal”, developed by specialists of the company.

This tool is used to accelerate, improve the quality and reduce the cost of work on the sealing of various joints and seams of building structures with the use of sealants brand Sealants”.

Different types of work

The scope of technology “Germeteks” wide. For example, in the construction, sealing joints, seams and cracks in greenhouse complexes and translucent structures — glass and polycarbonate. This tool allows you to work with different types of building sealants, different viscosity, density and temperature characteristics. The principle of operation is quite simple: at low speed, up to 600 rotations and powerful — 600-800 watts drill or screwdriver, according to the instructions on the application, fixed the tool, it is screwed, depending on the surface of the sealed knot, one of the nozzles included in the kit, the receptor dock served a sealing mass (mastic) in ready to use form, which in view of the fact that is self adhesive, is made by wiring with a thickness of 25-50 mm, 800-1000g, wrapped in Stach film. Mastic has a different color scheme – from light gray to black.

Winter is not a hindrance

The products of the brand “Germeteks” refers to the class Noteridae sealants, so the execution of the work application possible at low temperatures to minus 15 degrees. To do this, the mastic must first be kept in a room with a temperature of 15-20 degrees for 24 hours. The design before applying the sealant must be cleaned of dirt, dust, and in the presence of moisture — treated with a primer. Changing the speed of application and engine speed can change the linear dimensions of the applied sealant. So, at an average cost of mastic “Germeteks” 65 rubles/kg and the nozzle diameter five mm , per meter of a sealing seam ( for example, bonding glass in a greenhouse) is used 0,038 – 0,042 kg sealing mass, which in monetary terms equates to 2.45 — 2,75 RUB over the RM. that in comparison with silicone sealants reduces costs actually three times. Taking into account the quality characteristics of sealants brand “Germeteks” warranty on them from the manufacturer is not less than 10 years.

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