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Aski acrylic sealant – one-component

Sealant acrylic “ASKI” TU 2257-003-13789733-2014

One-component acrylic sealant “ASKI” for external and internal works

  • ASKI-631 has a high vapor barrier and waterproofing
  • ASKI-632 has a high water vapor permeability
  • ASKI-633 has high steam and waterproofing with deformability of the seam up to 25%


Designed for moisture and air protection of buildings and structures. Good adhesion to plaster, concrete, PVC, metal. The surface on which the sealant is applied must be dry. Before use, the sealant must be kept in a warm room for at least 24 hours , and mixed until smooth.

Application of sealant on the surface is made with a spatula and mechanically. Moisture is not allowed on the freshly applied sealant.

Curing time is not more than 1 hour at +20 C .

The warranty period of storage is 12 months. Joints of enclosing structures and reinforced concrete slabs, buildings and structures under construction and repair with deformation up to 15%.


Good adhesion to concrete, plaster, stone, galvanized metal and other building materials.

Resistant to climatic factors and UV rays. Maintains elasticity over a wide temperature range.

Preparation of the sealant for operation: immediately before use, the material must be mixed, and in the presence of breaks in the work to ensure the tightness of the container.

At low temperatures, the viscosity of the sealant increases, so mixing and storage is recommended in heated rooms. Dilution of the sealant by any kind of solvents and water is not allowed, as this can lead to cracks, loss of properties, thixotropy of the paste and “swelling” of the sealant from vertical surfaces.

Surface preparation

Surfaces on which the sealant is applied, clean of dirt, dust, grease, loose particles, cement mortar residues, residues of previously used sealing materials, etc.when working in the winter, clear of ice and frost.

The presence of droplet moisture on the surface is not allowed.

Laying sealant

The sealant is placed in the seam with a spatula-manually or with the help of special hand or pneumatic guns. When laying the sealant, it is recommended to protect the front edges of structures with sticky tapes in order to prevent their contamination. Do not apply sealant during precipitation.

Cleaning tool:nezaboravnom condition rinse with warm water . In samokonasana condition is removed mechanically.

Storage and transportation conditions: storage in hermetically sealed containers at temperatures from +5 C to + 30 C.

Storage at negative temperature is possible. The sealant can withstand up to 7 cycles of “freezing-thawing” without reducing the passport characteristics.

Transportation is possible by any kind of transport in conditions that exclude moisture and airtight containers.

Security measures

ASKI-Acrylic is an environmentally friendly product. When the temperature rises, it does not emit harmful substances into the environment . In contact with the skin does not cause allergic reactions and washed off with warm water.


Aqueous dispersion of polymer, modifiers, filler.

Mix before consumption.

Guaranteed shelf life of 12 months

This product is certified

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