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Slitter coiler

Slitter coiler – cutting machine, a slitter coiling machine designed for longitudinal cutting of paper, cardboard, laminate, foil, film and similar materials.

The machine consists of a feed unit on which a slitter coiler of raw material is installed using a mechanical or pneumatic shaft. Through the intermediate shafts, the paper web enters the cutting unit, consisting of cylindrical and disc knives.

After cutting, the streams are wound on bushings.

Slitting machine Cevinini


A machine for continuous processing of polymer raw materials into a homogeneous melt and shaping it by pressing through an extrusion head and a special calibration device, the cross-section of which corresponds to the configuration of the finished product.

The feedstock is filled (manually or using a special boot loader) into the hopper of the extruder. From the hopper, passing the neck of the loading funnel, the raw material enters the loading zone of the screw, and then is transported through the plasticization cylinder. From compression, mixing and contact with the heated cylinder and screw, the polymer raw material melts and turns into a homogeneous mass — melt.

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