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Bitumen polymer sealing tapes Germeteх®Roadways.

Sealing of cold technological joints of asphalt concrete coatings as a necessary element of increasing the repair time. The topic of increasing the time between repairs of asphalt concrete pavements has been exciting minds for as long as the topic of asphalt concrete pavements itself exists. It has already been huge amount of discussions and

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The roof is one of the most important and responsible structural elements of the building, performs protective functions and at the same time provides a certain thermal regime and comfort of the room, participates in creating the architectural appearance of the city. Such a multifunctional purpose of the roof can be fulfilled only if high

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Materials for waterproofing of foundation

Waterproofing of foundation: how to save time and money? In the modern construction market, materials providing maximum economy are gaining great popularity, i.e. to make repairs in a short time without losing finances and quality. One of such materials is the NEXT self-adhesive waterproofing manufactured by the production company Germeteks (Syzran city). Waterproofing NEXT –

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